Finally in Italy!
Symbol of great expertise and passion for work, after many years of experience in Italy and in the U.S.A., the Polibuli office offers a completely new service: the buyerbroker.
After a deep analysis of the buyer’s request, this professional starts his research with careful attention and professionalism.
Obviously, the sphere of activity is limited, max 50 km (from Polibulistudio headquarters to high maremma), because the market situation, the administration and the bureaucracy systems are various and might not be analysed in every single detail.
Therefore, following the buyer’s requests, the buybroker starts the research excluding all those offers used by an estate agency to tempt the buyer, which are usually baits for further contacts and a big waste of time. Moreover, these offers often hide problems and difficulties, which many estate agencies don’t consider.
This information-searching path will be analysed from an urban technical point of view and with the help of trusted counsels and chartered accountants, up to the possibility of obtaining financings from banks or the European Union.
To enlarge the sphere of activity and cover more areas, we are developing a network of trusted partners.
This is not so easy to do in Italy, while in the USA, especially in the New York region and in the Hamptons, a wonderful peninsula already known by Pollock and nowadays dreamland for many American celebrities; partner networks help experts to be very professional.

At the end of the research, we’ll provide the buyer with a dossier that will give an answer to all of his questions. 

In order to cover all the expenses, there will be some minimum fees to pay, depending on the requests, even if the deal won’t be made.

If we succeed, there will be a charge of 2%, otherwise we’d love to open a new private transaction for a potential designing…and then we’ll be glad to show that the Polibulistudio’s ideas and fantasy have no limits.
Fill in the form and you’ll be satisfied, don’t waste your time.
You won’t have any negative surprise, and you will surely be saving your money.

And then…the rest is yet to come.