The study is quite eclectic, as you will see moves casually furnished, design, new achievements, to go to the web television art director, consulting for communications companies. And here is the big news in recent years. Basically they sell all kinds of ideas, the important thing is to be original and communication, both for long-term projects but also for the more ephemeral, such as trade shows, events, scenery, etc. .... all thanks to the cooperation with the DOC (, a company specialized in such initiatives. Basically it is a study of modern architecture, 360 ° .., but also Italian and this reflects what we repeatedly said Philippe Stark "... the luck of Italian architects are able to move on all fields ..." of course for us to be professional It took 10 years to tighten the external collaborations are very important, from engineering, graphic design, communication, where it is the latter that his friend Alessandro Cecchi Paone ( were made interesting and fun projects , without underestimating the Synergy Srl of Modena, Brescia and C & T in Rome. The customer will be taken by the hand and becomes a participant from the first sketch of his project and the idea of trying to involve 100%, so as not to fall into those errors that architects often presumed to commit, or come to the final trying to be the only protagonist, realizing that dream would never ask the client ... this applies to a building but also for a simple business card. Polibulistudio with great humility (which you'll notice upon entering the study, an open space where reigns completely white purity), will try to sell his idea, but also will make you happy to have achieved what I imagine ... Several times Luca and Gabriele, with their staff will repeat that "... the book of color does not exist ..." because each of us at different times, situations, emotions, in short, its moods feel the will to live and manifest that color. That's how that you need never trust the architects that will impose a decision with great color ... if you're not convinced beware! Find yourself in a playful and original environment where your project will always find a flavor and a place for this ... you should try. With technology and the skill, you end up with your well-defined project before you start with 3D images, models and projections up virtual ... We also carry out work experience with schools and universities for short and long term ... for interested contact We are waiting to know maybe over a glass of wine offered at the Enoteca Vinalia ( with whom we share the historic square in the shadow of the steeple.