Over the past few years, the Polibulistudio has been realizing many objects of design, creating a real private collection.
Many satisfied costumers let their specially designed object become a series: after working with craftsmen and workshops, the Polibulistudio realized it trying to meet “aesthetics and functionality”.
Today, this course-study led to have original objects, which are not just single pieces, but they are numbered and certificated.

Thanks to the good feeling with experienced artisans, the objects can often be slightly modified in terms of materials, colours, and, where it is possible, shapes, in order to create a new item.

For further information about prices, quantities and delivery times, you can contact directly this unconventional office, which will be able to suit many of your needs thanks to the private collection, and maybe create a new and unique object of design with you.
At this point, you just have to try to get in touch with the polibulistudio.