Luca Poli e Gabriele BulichelliLuca Poli and Gabriele Bulichelli's studio came into being with the new millenium in the year 2000. These two young architects, graduates of the Florentine school, have been able - carpe diem - to play an active role in the renaissance of the region in which they both live, the Maremma Alta. The Maremma is a wild and beautiful stretch of land with rolling hillsides covered in Mediterranean shrub and bush running down the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea from Livorno to Grosseto.

The international Pisa airport is half an hour away and visitors from all over the world have been able to discover the beauty of the landscape of the Maremma with its hill top villages and sandy beaches, which in the last decades has also become one of the most prestigious wine and olive oil producing regions in Italy.

Luca and Gabriele are two young architects and designers who are never bored as they have the enviable job of restoring and renovating old farmhouses, as well as creating futuristic wine cellars and inviting wine bars. While these projects respect the style and tradition of the region, they are enhanced by structural fixtures and furnishings in resin, steel, glass and wood created by a team of highly qualified local artisans.

While their roots are in Tuscany's history and tradition, Luca and Gabriele's designs for commercial spaces are projected into the future. They also discover and encourage young artists by exhibiting their works in their studio.

Shared vision, a modern outlook, creative flair and a professional approach has led the studio to join forces with DOC ( a contracting firm . As well as the finished product, DOC offers services in P.R., publicity and sales avenues for each project.

In May 2006, the leading architectural magazine AD published an article on the studio of these two young architects and their work